3 June 2021

Tutorial – Secure File Sharing Through ID Validation

CloudFiles allows you to send files securely through ID Validation. You can password protect PDFs, send a secure email attachment and enable more security settings on your files. You can also disable pdf downloading or expire the document link based on your custom requirements.

CloudFiles allows you to send documents securely through ID Validation. Through this feature, you can password protect PDFs, send a secure email attachment and enable more security settings on your files. Read on to understand the basics of how to share your files securely through CloudFiles.

Through the soft ID validation feature, you can require your clients to provide any or a specific email before accessing your file. This feature also simulates password protection on files. With hard ID validation, you can require them to login with any or a specific email before accessing your file.


If you don’t want to restrict access to your file and want it to be freely available to anyone who has the link, you can choose not to set ID Validation. This is the default setting.

Even without any ID validation, CloudFiles still does document tracking and shows the total document views and unique views. This can enable you to track forwarded emails or documents even without gating.


Sometimes, you may want the client to enter their email before accessing the file. Sometimes you may want them to enter a specific email or emails from a specific domain to access this file.

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You can enable soft validation as shown below -


A basic issue with soft ID Validation is that although it requires the client to enter a valid email, it does not verify that email. Hard ID validation solves this problem. Through this feature, you can require your clients to verify email address (email authentication by logging in or one-time code) before accessing your document.

You can enable hard validation as shown below -

That’s it for this tutorial. If you would like to see ID Validation in action, you can watch a demo here

CloudFiles is a secure file sharing & tracking app that makes your files smarter and workflows easier. It can do much more than just enable soft or hard gating on your files. You can password protect documents, toggle link activation and downloading for clients & get detailed view analytics of the file. You can also integrate file events in your existing workflows to create powerful automations.

To know more about sharing documents securely through CloudFiles, you can refer to our file security knowledge base. To know more about the capabilities of the app, explore our help center or just say tell us about your specific requirement.

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